The types

Pulviver is the proud supplier of several varieties of egg powders. Whole egg powder (code WEP-R) is used in classical food applications where rising qualities are not essential, such as crackers, cookies and pasta.

Egg yolk powder (code EYP) can be used as a substitute for fresh egg yolk to obtain colour, texture, and emulsion capacity. Egg yolk powder is most frequently used in mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and croissants.

Egg Yolk Powder Retorting (code EYP-MRT) is a variety of egg yolk powder used specifically in emulsions produced industrially at extreme temperatures (steralisation, retorting, pasteurisation). It also serves as a natural bread stabiliser as it slows the retrogradation of starch.

Finally, Pulviver produces a broad range of Egg albumen powders (code EAP). Uses range from fish, meat, and potato preparations to bakery and pastry products.