Egg powders are a crucial element in countless applications of food industry


High gel albumen powders (EAP HG - HGI) assist the process of dispersion in producing stable, oil-based emulsions. The powder maximises the amount of oil that can be added (called emulsion capacity), proving to be a pivotal ingredient in dressings, sauces, mayonnaises and the likes. Another type of powder, egg yolk powder retorting (EYP - MRT), is a key ingredient in industrial emulsions: being capable of withstanding high temperatures, the emulsion can be heated to an extreme degree without breaking.


High gel albumen powders (EAP HG - SHG - HGI - SHGI) are tremendous binding agents, with a far stronger gel strength than liquid egg white at the same pH. When heated, high gel powders form a rystalline-like structure, making the gel resistant to stretching, bending and shearing. As they bind well and are capable of retaining water suitability, EAPHG powders are a key ingredient in meat production (sausages, hamburgers, hams, ...) as well as vegetarian preparations (soya, sausages, hamburgers, ...).